Your partner for producing in Poland Whether meant to be a feature film, TVC or a TV Series, we've got all it takes to help you make it happen

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We belive that Poland is one of the most attractive and competitive places in Europe for your next production. That's why we set our business around making it available for you. Why not give us a try?


Although polish DOPs are among the industry legends, that's just the top of the iceberg. Film Polska provides you with an access to complete film crews built of professionals with highest work standards with second to none craftmanship.


Poland at your fingertips. From medieval castles, through countryside cottages to modern citylines, from sea to snowy mountain peaks we got it covered. With snow or sun depending on your preference.

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If you are looking for extraordinary cast for your projects, convincing and original face or a classic beauty, we’ll find what you need. We have a rich database of Polish and foreign actors, extras and models.

Recommendations What our clients say about us

The advantage of working with company like Film Polska is that they don’t do the line production just as a service. They get involved with actual film making - they are doing all the thinking with you rather not just the execution. That really helps with preventing problems, which might arise on shoot and there are solved before they can actually become bigger problems. The other big advantage is that entire team is very pleasant and they just made all shooting experience a whole lot of fun.

Vivek B. Agraval

Producer Phantom Films

"Film Polska" or I think we would like to call them as "Elite Partners To Producers". Krzysztof Sołek & Maciej Żemojcin, have cultivated an excellent world for international filmmakers & producers in a beautiful place like Poland.  Focus, Speed, Precision, Planning & Teamwork, all these are great pillars of Film Polska & with a magnificent crew who always follow Marta's Execution (Biggest Asset to Film Polska). Understanding your film requirements from start to finish and more importantly fitting it in your budget, is main key reason to recommend them for all who is reading this.

We would definitely work time & again with them and would love to shoot in Poland with "Film Polska". See your film through their eyes and feel secure.

Kavan J. Ahalpara

Line Producer Second Unit „Fitoor”

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Our Team

Krzysztof Sołek

Krzysztof SołekPresident

Maciej Żemojcin

Maciej ŻemojcinVice President

Marta Bejma

Marta BejmaProducer

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Ewelina Biel-Krzywda

Ewelina Biel-KrzywdaAccounts Manager

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Marta Piekarczyk

Marta PiekarczykJunior Accountant

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Katarzyna Godzic

Katarzyna GodzicProduction Coordinator

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Aleksander Wojtanowski

Aleksander WojtanowskiNew Business Manager

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Maciej Witkowski

Maciej WitkowskiProduction Assistant

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